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The Swedish Academy of the Nobel Prize has left another member


The Academy's latest position has been marked by a scandal.

7 Nov 2018 at. 17:10 TASR

Copenhagen. The Swedish theologian and author Jayne Svenungsson has also recently transferred membership to the Nobel Prize for Literature. AP reported Wednesday.

The Academy's recent stance has highlighted a scandal associated with sexual assault and financial torture.

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Breaking scandals

Svenska TV, SVT, added that Jayne Svenungsson is the eighth of the 18 members of the academy who left their last weekend when the scandals mentioned.

As a member of the Swedish Academy, Svenungsson was elected last September and participated in December.

According to SVT, Svenungsson decided to terminate membership after a "careful reflection". Now he wants to do his full-time job – he works as a professor of theology at the university.

At the heart of the scandal associated with sexual assault, Jean-Claude Arnault, a prominent cultural figure in Sweden, and a member of the Nobel Prize Committee for Katarina Frostenson's literature, from France, came.

Accused of rape

Arnault was accused of rape in October and sentenced to two years in prison.

The Swedish Academy this year – the first time since 1942 – did not award the Nobel Prize in the literature category.

It has just been decided in connection with the Arnault scandal that opened the autumn of Dagens Nyheter when they wrote about sexual harassment of 18 women.

The Academy's story has even sharpened the news that the 72-year-old French man has preached the names of the literary Nobel Prize winners.

In addition, Frostensen and Arnault proved to be conflicts of interest because they own a private cultural center in Stockholm, which has previously received contributions from the academy – it also spends three million dollars annually in the form of scholarships.

After affording this information, in addition to Frostensen, seven members of the 18-member commission gave their lifespan.

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