Tuesday , July 27 2021

The gemstone between the farms is restored, ministermother used millions of euros

BANSKÁ ŠTIAVNICA November 15 (WebNoviny.sk) – The pearl between the Slovak hunting huts awaits reconstruction in the coming months. The reconstruction of the manor house, which houses the St. Anthony Museum, today announced Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Gabriela Matecna.

The Ministry responds to public demands and transfers 3.2 million euros to internal and external spaces. There will be a cafe, a mobile phone, lighting or social facilities. "The project documentation is complete and therefore we are planning to start and finish the reconstruction next year,"Said the minister.

Costly reconstruction

The goal of reconstruction is also to create appropriate representative spaces to provide different uses. This gives rise to the possibility of conducting conferences or educational activities in the museum.

"The Museum of St. Anthony, because of its unique, is a monument of national importance. The state has a duty to do its utmost to preserve and enhance its unique cultural heritage, Says Matecka, adding that the planned investment in the manor is the largest since construction in 1750.

"Although the museum has a special interest every year, the reconstruction of selected areas is desirable and expensive. Constructions will therefore be indoors and outdoors. The hunting lodge belongs to the genuine jewels of its kind in Central Europe, "The minister added, with the fact that last year the museum visited a record 48 thousand tourists.

Every year, thousands of visitors from Slovakia and abroad visit the unique artistic and historical collections of the original mansion and also the hunter in Slovakia, an exhibition linked to the world through the Koháry-Coburg dynasty.

Improved quality services

"In order for the museum to continue to develop its activities and to attract more of our and foreign tourists, investments need to be made to extend service quality. I think she's planningNew reconstruction will contribute even more to our visitors' satisfaction and to the spread of our good name, Sade Marián Číž, Head of St. Anthony's Museum, with the reconstruction of the farm in the mansion, attractive basements and necessary cleaners.

No less important will be a new stylish cafe for visitors. The reconstructed reconstruction will meet the museum next year, some events must be limited or canceled.

St. Anthony Museum is a Slovak hunting museum that belongs to MPRV SR's core competencies. It performs professional methodical operations, processes, makes available and uses material documents in connection with comprehensive documentation of the development and presence of hunting in the genres of Slovakia and Kohara and Coburg. The museum is housed in a mansion that has been a national heritage since 1985 and its history is closely related to the Kohara and Coburg genres.

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