Saturday , January 16 2021

The famous man published a private PHOTO: This is how Lady Diana († 36) looked without clothes!

Many books, movies and documentaries have been written about Lady Diana’s life. And even though 23 years have passed since her tragic death, the public is still very interested in her. The success of the series The Crown also proves it. Among other things, its creators focused on Diana’s problems with bulimia and marital disagreements.

The said act apparently also attracted the attention of an Italian businessman named Giancarlo Giammetti. Together with his business partner Valentin Garavani, he was a good friend of the Queen of Human Hearts. “The Crown reminds us once again of Princess Diana’s struggle,” wrote on Instagram. He also published a couple of blonde photos.

Among them, the shot where Lady Diana posed at the bottom of a bikini and a tied shirt was particularly interesting. The picture was taken sometime in 1990, two years before Charles’ divorce.

Lady Diana in a photo from 1990, when she spent her vacation on the boat by fashion designer Valentin.
Lady Diana

Source: Instagram

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