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Sales numbers on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X break previous records

Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that new generations of their gaming devices have had a better start than previous models.

We waited a long time, but it paid off. The new generation of gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft are finally in our living rooms. In the editorial office, we thoroughly tested how Xbox Series X, as well as PlayStation 5, while you can read our impressions of both “next generation” devices in separate articles.

Manufacturers of new console systems have now shared more detailed information about the sales of their equipment. So let’s look at how the individual camps went financially.


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Previous generations remained

The Japanese giant Sony only officially yesterday confirmedthat the launch of PlayStation 5 surpassed previous generations and became the most successful in its entire history. The company described the demand for the new console as never before seen, but did not reveal the exact figures.

According to VGChartz, between two million and 2.5 million fifth PlayStations were sold worldwide during the two launch days, 12 and 19 November. About 75% of this should belong to the more expensive version with a hard drive.

These are big numbers, but at the same time they are not a big surprise. Previous PlayStation models occupy first, fourth and fifth place in the ranking of the best-selling gaming devices of all time. It is therefore appropriate to assume that the new console will also succeed.

Sony even expects the PlayStation 5 to sell even better in its first fiscal year than its immediate predecessor, VG247 said.


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Historically the best start

Microsoft has also had the most successful start in its history. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console tandem sold more in the first 24 hours than any previous model from the Redmond giant’s camp. Even in this case, however, we do not have exact figures from official sources.

Based on preliminary data, the VGChartz portal estimates that during the so-called launch day, which was the case for the new Xboxes on November 10, approximately 1.2 million to 1.4 million pieces of both console units from Microsoft were sold. The more popular model was the more expensive and more powerful X series.

In this regard, however, it should be noted that the new generation Xbox debuted in a total of 37 markets, while the previous Xbox One only in 13 countries.

Although sales of the new Xbox devices are lower compared to PlayStation 5, Microsoft can look forward to great success. “Green Camp” has always lost its Japanese rival in terms of sales, so it is not uncommon for this generation to still draw a shorter end.

According to the Xbox boss, however, Microsoft focuses more on player numbers than the sales themselves, the GamesRadar + website informed. The company has been taking several originally exclusive games to computers for a long time, so gamers have less reason to buy an Xbox.


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Success despite the pandemic

The record sales for both giants are particularly interesting given today’s context. The global coronavirus pandemic has greatly complicated the production process for next-generation devices. In recent months, there has even been talk of a possible postponement of the release, which did not happen in the end.

But we can look at some effects on availability. While there are many new Xboxes, the number of PlayStation 5s is limited and you will not be able to set up the console that easily. Ouch Slovak operators informedthat they mainly handle pre-orders. Sony ale calmedthat at the end of the year he wants to improve the situation and deliver new stock to sellers.

Do you already have a new console from Sony or Microsoft at home? Share your impressions with us in the comments.

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