Wednesday , October 27 2021

ONLINE: HC Slovan Bratislava – HK Nitra (Extra League types)



Slovan Bratislava scored a goal!
Goals scored by BRENDAN O’DONNELL. He was probably inspired by Minarik, because he scored almost the same goal as his Nitra counterpart in the first period. Assists: Brendan Ranford, Cameron Carleton Lee.


Nitra scored a goal!
The goal was scored by COOPER ZECH, who got an excellent pass in break two and one, and then turns it into an accurate shot with a beautiful trick. Assists: Marek Slovák, Tomáš Hrnka.


Exclusion in the HK Nitra team (Martin Bodák – 2 min., Holding).


Bodák’s shots did not pass to Makar, so they went forward home.


Nitra tried to surprise Makar behind the goal, but Tvrdoň did not go as planned.


Maier withdrew from the blue, but only Cowley’s concrete hit.


Everything is fine and the game will continue again.

Now the game is interrupted for a short while because there is something wrong with the guardrails. But maintenance workers are already working on it.


Bratislava’s offside, and therefore the guest team will break out under the pressure that the home team creates.


Lantoši’s shot bounced in front of Slovan’s goal, but none of the guest players could shoot the puck in the goal.


Slovan managed to free himself and got valuable seconds.


The second period has begun.

During the first period, we looked for the goal on both sides. So far, more is being played than balanced hockey, which it has to offer us for the next third.


The first third is over.


Exclusion in the HC Slovan Bratislava team (Patrik Bačik – 2 min., Tripping).


After the release of Nitra, the game is moved in front of the away team’s goal.


Now it was a minor skirmish after Cowley’s operation, but everything was resolved immediately by the main judges.


After more than two minutes, Bratislava offside is whistled.


The puck flies from side to side at this stage of the game, mainly due to the larger number of errors.


Lantoši now had a break. He chose to shoot before passing to Sýkora. The whole situation ends with Marakov’s intervention.


Nitra scored a goal!
The goal was scored by JAKUB MINÁRIK, who took it on and with a hard shot and an unattainable shot fired an equalizing goal. Assists: Juraj Šiška, Martin Bodák.


The game has moved to the middle third.


Slovan Bratislava scored a goal!
Goals scored by BRENDAN RANFORD. He was aware of his teammate’s shot from the blue and then managed to reach her to Nitra’s goal. Assists: Milan Kytnár, Patrik Bačik.


Cowley with a good intervention when he neutralized Bortňák up close.


Close, but still outside Nitra. It will therefore be thrown in the middle zone.


Maier tried to penetrate the left wing, but did not go as planned.


Šramatý’s shot ended up in Makarov’s power, which he preferred to strike in front of the conquering Sýkor.


One of the defenders shot from the blue, but the puck stopped just next to the goal.


After the banned release, the game will be moved in front of Makarov.


Cowley with the first operation. Urbánek tried to surprise his guest behind the goal, but it did not work.


Štajnoch threw himself into the shot and now goes to the bench with an unpleasant grimace.


The meeting has just begun.

Introductory sentences:

HC Slovan Bratislava: Makarov (Parks) – Sersen, Ališauskas, Bačik, Štajnoch, Lee, Valach, Škultéty, Maier – Ranford, Kytnár, O’Donnel – Gašpar, Harris, Studenič – Zigo, Urbánek, Sukeľ – Petráš, Bortň, Bortň

HK Nitra: Cowley (Nagy) – Navel, Cardwell, Švarný, Bayonet, Vitaloš, Zech, Staty, Ridzoň – Tvrdoň, Slovak, Mugg – Kollár, Šťastný, Lantoši – Minárik, Šiška, Žitný – Šramaty, Čaládi,

Referees: Peter Stano, Milan Adamec – Robert Frimmel, Peter Jedlička – Dalibor Beniač.

Welcome to see today’s online text broadcast from the match in the 20th round of Tipo’s Extraliga hockey team, where the players of Slovan Bratislava, who welcome Nitra, will introduce themselves to each other.

There are better guests at the table, who currently have second place. At the top of the league table, they only lose one point. Bratislava residents are currently in fifth place, where they have 28 points. However, they have one match less than Nitra. In the last match, Nitra was in a better mood, winning with Nové Zámky 5: 3. On the contrary, Slovan hesitated with Trenčín 4: 1.

The home team is betting on the second and third most productive players in the league. Gašpar has scored 22 points so far, Legionnaire Ranford has 2 less. Nitra’s most productive player is Tvrdoň with 19 points.

Bookmakers clearly benefit homeowners, where they have written odds around 1.45. It is up to 5.5 per guest. However, it starts from 0: 0, so sit back and enjoy today’s duel in our presence.

Welcome to the online transfer. The meeting starts at 18:00.

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