Wednesday , September 28 2022

Oil prices have risen


The prices also supported the suspension of mining from an important UK oil price in the North Sea.

Oil prices rose more than Wednesday on Wednesday when market attention again moved to the forthcoming meeting of the Organization for Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC). In addition, prices also supported the suspension of mining from the UK's key oil bed in the North Sea.

The OPEC countries, together with other producers, will go to Vienna next week to discuss the mining strategy for next year. Markets expect to agree on certain production constraints.

In addition, for the necessary repairs, the British Buzzard's crime was temporarily suspended. Britain's largest oil tanker in the North Sea produces about 150,000 barrels of oil per day (1 barrel = 159 liters).

The price of Brent crude oil mixed in January rose to 7.42 hours CET during the previous closing period by 96 cents to 61.17 USD (54 euros) per barrel. The growth also recorded the price of American light oil WTI. It amounted to USD 52.36 / barrel, which corresponds to a growth of 80 cents.

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