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New Czech film glass room with the game star Thrones game: Zuzana Fialová


Look forward to movies in the spring of 2019. In theaters you will be able to see another performance from the director of the successful Masaryk film. They play both Czechoslovakian and world stars.

The film will contain Czechoslovak and foreign stars

The film will contain Czechoslovak and foreign stars

Source: Barbora Jančárová

New film by Julius Sevcik The glass room goes into the final product of post production. In the end, the creators also created a trailer, and it is obvious that the exciting moments will not be anxious in the movie. The realization of a major film project lasted from almost ten years to the beginning. The main roles will include a number of foreign and domestic stars like Carice van Houten, Hanna Alström, Claes Bang, Karel Roden, Alexandra Borbely and Slovak actress Zuzana Fialová.

A love story on the background of history

The glass room is an adaptation of Simon Mavers novel, which maps the history of Czechoslovakia during the 20th century, and tells stories about the three figures that inhabited the Tugendhat villa in Brno for ten years. "Inspiration was classic films like the English patient and conceptual love stories like Creation for Love. The glass room is a miniature of a love story on the background of history," explains director Julius Sevcik.

A film about people who left the audience

The movie's heroes, who tell about love, friendship and vital choices, are Liesel Landauer and her friend Hana. Two women who combined a lifelong relationship and an extra house built by architect Von Abt for Liesel and her husband Viktor. "The film Glass Room deals with people who have been advised and only see that they are human demands great courage" said Von Abta, Karel Roden, at the shooting.

Quality actor

Dutch actress Carice van Houten is famous from the Valkyrs war, where she played alongside Tom Cruise or the award-winning film by Paul Verhoeven Black Book. Her latest projects include the eighth and final series of Thorn Games. Hanna Alström, a Swedish actress, saw Slovakian viewers in two successors of the successful action comedy Kingsman. Another female role was created by the Slovak actress of Hungarian origin, Alexandr Borbely, awarded the European Film Prize for Best Actress in 2017 for her role in The Body and Soul, which won the Berlin Hall. Danish actor Claes Bang holds the European Film Prize for 2017 as the best actor for the film field, who won the Golden Palm at Cannes IFF.

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