Wednesday , September 28 2022

More than a hundred euros disappeared from the ATM in Michalovce


The thief went safely for security.

Michalovce. Theft of money from a cash machine in Michalovce occurred at an exact time. The perpetrator probably considered a large amount of money, informed TV JOJ.

The stolen ATM is located on the ground floor of a building where several companies are based. During the day, many people are misplaced on site.

But neither of them seemed to notice any suspects.

"I do not know, the girls just said there were guys who had SBS business cards," said one of the employees who worked in the building for the TV.

Security staff have probably found that money is missing at the ATM, so they have called police who have documented the crime scene in detail.

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"We can confirm that there was an attack on the ATM in Michalovce, the extent of the damage is being investigated and considering the ongoing investigation, it is not possible to provide more detailed information at this time," said Anna Jamborová, spokesman for the bank.

ATM was not injured

The thief entered the building and stole money from the back of the ATM. How he managed to get in, find the police.

ATM was not hurt at first glance.

"In this context, the police were prosecuted for crime against theft. In the light of the ongoing investigation, we will not provide any further information," said police spokesman Jana Mesarova to TV JOJ.

The perpetrator has been enriched by theft for more than 100,000 euros, probably went for security.

The police also have security cameras available to help thieves detect.

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