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Spa Grossling

Bratislava residents can see the question of Grössling Cups on their own on Friday.

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Old ships that still had no running water at home and a classic bathroom with bath went to Grössling Baths for hygienic cleaning. During the first republic, they began to relax rather than what we call wellness today. However, after the golden times, the spa experienced a decline in the late millennium. "I have only a lot of cute memories of childhood at Grössling, we spent a lot of time with my mother and my sister, then we went to the Baby Concept because they were everyday holidays for us," he shouted Bratislava's native Ivan Bencik ( 52).

He, together with hundreds of other people, took note of the opportunity
to look briefly into the legendary, but now destroyed
Bratislava spa town. In the big "twenty-five"
He swam once, but now he saw it empty, partly covered with green
The coating, with damaged plates, drain holes, with inlet
stairs with bird "ornament". Over the pool dirty glazed
roof, rusty steel beams, a hanging branch of a tree,
holes that are temporarily filled with polystyrene. "If they want to save it it is
the really high time, "says Ivan.

Chances are finally here, the capital's capital is already on rescue
dying national heritage takes the first steps. long term
Closed spa facilities have only been available to the public for three days.
The last chance to see them is Friday – from 16 to 16
19 hours. But the town hall already has a plan as a jubilee Großlinger
to breathe new life so that they can be opened permanently.

"To this end, we have set aside the draft budget for 2019
800-thousand euros. At the same time, we want to start a process where we engage professionals
the public, the third sector, all the bratislavians to be together
decide on his future. The final solution comes from the architectural
"said Zuzana Onufer, spokesman for the metropolis.

Bratislava spa
Grössling. "Data-original ="

Bratislava spa
Grössling. "Data-original ="

There was a whirlpool in the spa

The iconic spa building already remembers so much. They built it
in 1895, then under the name of Bad Pozsony. The project was delivered by the western architect
Albert Svoboda. "Only the couch and the bath tub were initially in it.
However, in 1914, a new wing, part of the building, was extended
focusing on the Danube also built a fencing hall, he says
spokeswoman. The owner of the building was originally Industrial Bank, during the year
In 1917 he sold it to Prešov Commercial and Credit Bank. Then the bathroom
changed to Grössling. By the same name
of the Danube axis in whose territory they stood.

Last year, Onufer continues, with catering facilities expanding this year
1929 and 1930, when new apartments were added. In 1946 they bought the city.
Popular under socialism, they began to fall quickly after the regime's change.
In 1994, almost a hundred years of operation, they had to shut up for

The company that renovated the building did nothing

In an effort to save the monumentally protected building, it was given by the City Hall this year
2007 to rent to Synaphea. The company promised the spa
reconstruct and use as a multifunctional object, even during conservation
spa features, along with private health services. "Since
The city had condemned the contract in 2013. Following
Litigation has come down to 2017 when the tenant finally ends
he handed over, "said spokesman.

But as Onufer added, the state of the return property was disastrous.
"The whole was thrown out of old furnished furniture, different refrigerators,
TV. Despite the damage to the roof structure, it was everywhere
was caught by a birdwatcher, "she said. Heretofore she added
Within the framework of sanitation, 22 trash containers were exported from the interior. The city gave it
to clean the troughs, at least temporarily repair the roof,
Plumbing elements or entrance gate, the rafting green area that hung
from roof constructions. "Based on a regional decision
of the monumental office, "he pointed out," he inspected the interior
constructor. Thereafter a static evaluation of the object is prepared,
as structures get rid of moisture. "

Bratislava Ingrid's main architect was already involved in the renovation
Konrad. "We did together with students of study architecture, like here
to build the pool. My idea is to renovate the building
in low energy mode, which is also possible with strict consideration
land recycling rules, "she said. Processed student proposal
can also be seen directly in the building. Visitors arrive after arrival
and a single postcard stamp postcard.

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