Wednesday , October 5 2022

It appears that Red Dead Online will have Battle Royale mode


Rockstar, like another, jumps on the train for a ride.

Today, the beta online part of Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched Red Dead Online. And players have already received some files that deal with the content of the game that will offer this online mode. And one of them is remarkably similar to the Battle Royale mode.

His name is Make it count. And as described, it is a state that is an "ultimate test of intelligence" and the goal is to "remain as the last living in shrinking space." We do not know how many players this situation will support, but we know it will take off on four maps, Tall Trees, Stillwater, Creek and Strawberry, and you will have weapons like bow and arrows or throw knives.

In addition, you can play horse racing or try a classic team kill game in a game called Team Shootout. Your weapon mode name will give you a classic free mode where you earn bonus points to kill a certain weapon.


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