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In Bratislava there are 10 candidates for the mayor


Mayor of the capital wants to be nine men and one woman.

The post to the mayor of Bratislava is ten candidates in future municipal elections. Being a parliamentary member of 45 members in Bratislava is interested in 284 candidates. This is stated in the list of registered candidates.

Mayor of the capital wants to be nine men and one woman. Among them is the mayor of the capital, Ivo Nesrovnal, an independent candidate.

Independent candidates are chief and former CEO of RTVS, Václav Mika, author and organizer of Coronation Gatherings in Bratislava, Miroslav Vetrík and current Deputy mayor of the capital Iveta Plšeková.

Support for parties

The architect and musician Matúš Vallo is also supported by the architect and musician Matúš Vallo, supported by the extra parliamentary group joint-state democracy and progressive Slovakia, lawyer Jaroslav Brada – candidate for the party in modern slovakia, economist and chairman of the extra-parliamentary party NAJ Viktor Béreš, supported by NAJ and the Youth Party.

The only joint candidate for the opposition OĽaNO, SaS, We are a family, KDH, OKS, Nova. Change from below to the mayor of Bratislava is the current mayor of Vajnór Ján Mrva.

With the support of the Slovakian People's Party Andrej Hlinka, the head of the Bratislava government is also the expert Andrej Trnovec and supported by the Slovak national unit – the party of patriot lawyer Roman Ruhig.

Candidates for an alternate

A total of 284 candidates attend the Bratislava City Council. In the City Council, 45 alternates will be in the next parliamentary term (2018-2022), the same number as today.

Only the number of chairs for Petržalka and New cities changes. While there are now 11 members from Petržalka and three from the new city in the city council, Petržalka will in the next parliamentary term have ten city members and the new city four.

During the last local elections in 2014, the mayor of Bratislava had ten candidates interested and among the deputies in the city council in Bratislava he wanted to be 308 candidates.

The municipal elections will be on Saturday, November 10th.

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