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13.11.2018 00:00

Diabet skin is more sensitive, very dry and cracked. Even minor injuries can lead to serious complications, in extreme cases to lead to amputation.

Diabet skin is more sensitive, very dry and cracked.
At the same time, it is much more prone to skin diseases (yeast, fungus,
bacterial) than the skin of a healthy person. Even wounds are heavier. It is therefore
It is necessary to take care of the skin regularly and carefully and possible diseases
skin to begin as soon as possible. Experts from Dr.Max recommend on
cares about following several basic rules.

Good skin care

  • It is advisable to use it pH neutral soaps, which one
    The skin does not irritate and does not dry out.
  • Give priority shower before bathing.
  • After washing, the skin is always important carefully
    Increased attention must be given in particular
    areas of skin weeks.
  • on premasted skin and other care for her
    There is a special cosmetics for diabetics. That's the right choice
    possible to consult at a pharmacy.
  • If an injury occurs, it is necessary to wash the wound clean
    water and overlay with non-stick sterile dressing.
  • To disinfect wounds It is not appropriate to use the formulations
    containing iodine, peroxide or alcohol – may irritate the skin.
    The term "diabetic foot" is the most common complications
    diabetes. In 75% of cases, they can be avoided.
  • If that happens color change of the skin, its scaling, the formation
    clogger or cracks
    , it is necessary to visit without delay

Proper nursing

  • The legs should be thoroughly checked every day, washed thoroughly
    and dry.
    Increased attention should be paid to areas
    between the fingers.
  • The legs should also be treated fat or
    moisturizing creams. The most appropriate one is to use special cosmetics for
  • Hard skin removed with pumice stone and nails
    always cut straight.
  • It is not advisable to go barefoot because of the possible
    damage to sharp objects.
  • very Protection is important.
    Before each gourd, you must check if there are no stones in the shoe,
    shrunk case or sock.
  • The choice of suitable shoes is crucial. She should be stiff
    heavy, soft pads and must not print anywhere. Ideal shoes without shoes
    inner seams, breathable material with heel height up to 2 cm.
    Especially shoes for diabetics are available in some pharmacies and
    in medical supply stores.
  • It is always important to wear socks. And even if
    in the case of open shoes.
  • Too hot bath is not recommended. also
    Caution is required when using a variety of electrical appliances
    heating pads. There is a high risk of possible burns.
  • Steps should be seen every visit

Did you know that

In Slovakia, on average, more than 22,000 new will be added each year
diabetic. By the end of last year we register more than in our country
350,000 patients with this disease in the care of doctors.
Interesting or rather alarming is the discovery of international diabetology
federation (International Diabetes Federation), according to which almost 25% of the population
With diabetes in Slovakia, he does not know that he is suffering from these diseases.

Prevention as an effective tool

An effective way to deal with the incredible fact of ignorance of the occurrence
diabetes equalizes, is early diagnosis and prevention. This is also the subject
in the order of a third professional campaign aimed at this civilization

After successful campaigns in 2016 and 2017 they joined
Nearly 33,000 people come to Dr.Max's pharmacy in collaboration with
Slovak diabetical society with another education campaign.
Under a preventive measure called "Keep your sugar underneath
Control "
, which is held from 12 to 16 November
, symbolic week when we remember the world day
Diabetes (November 14), interested in pharmacy
let the glucose measure measure and the results follow
Consult with professionally trained staff at the pharmacy.

"The measurement only takes a few minutes. Perfect is to get in the morning
fasting, at least 8 hours after the last meal. If we decide the level
of blood sugar during the day it is advisable not to be at least 2 hours prior to measurement.
We take a small amount of blood out of your finger and immediately report the result, "

said Jana Varsová, specialist in Dr.Max's campaign.

A list of pharmacies where the week runs from 12 to 16 November
expert campaign related to specialized measurement and counseling
on the side

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