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Human Space CreX's Dragon Crew Capsule to enter the space in January |


now SpaceX He has another historical milestone in front of him. It is the beginning of the test and the capsule's first flight Dragon Crew, which is intended for human crew. In the future, it should act as a means of transport for astronauts traveling to ISS.

The first test flight in January

The Dragon Crew capsule's first test flight is scheduled for January 7th, which is certainly good for SpaceX. The earlier testing of the new crew cabin, the larger is the anti-competitive Boeing, which also completes its final step on the CST-100, which will not only transport the astronauts to the ISS but also serve commercial flights on the low orbit.

She leaves the memory place

Dragon Crew Capsule will be transferred to the universe via the Falcon 9 rocket. Pilot flight will carry Demo-1 or DM-1 in shortened form. The rocket, along with the new capsule, will be sent from its symbolic place to its first mission, from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, where the Apollo 11 mission has also begun.

SpaceX vs Boeing

We have outlined at least partial rivalry between SpaceX and Boeing. Both companies focus on commercial space flights, which serve as a slightly more efficient way of transporting astronauts to the ISS International Space Station. But both companies have a lot of work in front of them. None of the above have ever been able to test a capsule intended for astronauts. The first pair will be SpaceX, but Boeing will not be significantly behind. Boeing is scheduled for the first flight test on his missile for March 2019 and wants the first crew to be sent to space in August 2019. SpaceX is somewhat more ambitious and the first astronauts want to get the ground in June 2019.

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