Saturday , October 1 2022

Fico supported Lajcak, but the minister mentioned the resignation again


Miroslav Lajčák should be Minister of Foreign Affairs, want Robert Fico (Smeru-SD). But the Slovakian Chief of Diplomacy has returned that he can leave his post.

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Fico said on Tuesday that he cares that such a qualified diplomat, like Lajčák, is still foreign minister.

However, the former prime minister has not explained how Parliament will stand up to the UN Global Compact on Migration. Only for this document allows Lajčák termination.

Fico did not even answer the journalists' questions if he had the ambition to become his successor in the town after a possible Lajčkovka resignation.

Lajčák on Tuesday took place in Germany at the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum. At the conference on Europe's future, he repeated his detention at the head of diplomacy. "If my country decides to be on the wrong side of history, I can not choose to represent it further," he said.

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Fico announced a few days ago on the social network that the global framework does not comply with Slovakia's global migration policy and is unacceptable for Smer SD. Only for this page is Lajčák nominated in the ministerial office.

The FICO Global Pact makes no distinction between legal and illegal migration, but these allegations have been demolished before parliamentarians in a foreign committee.

Last week, Lajčák declared to MP that nobody would sign the covenant somewhere. The document is legally non-binding.

Fico has his own opinion on this issue: "The global fact is a legally binding but politically powerful document. There is already a very strong political pressure to make its commitment unnecessary, just a formal mistake. Slovakia must be defined negatively in the global covenant, said the Social Democrats boss.

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