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Are you there? These are the 3 most intelligent characters, were you born in one of them?

Intelligence is often a relative term, but practically it is the ability to logically solve problems according to your emotional environment – it does not matter how many books you have read.

It is influenced by many factors, not just inborn circumstances, but also by the environment in which you grew up. Do you know which 3 characters are the most intelligent?

The twins, Sagittarius and Aquarius

These three characters should be at a higher intelligence level than others. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. If you are not among them, do not despair. Observe when you are in what phases of the month you do and make the most of it. Each of us has an innate strength, but signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius usually have a great balance between logical thinking and social empathy, which makes them stand out.

The twins: Powered by their duality

The twins are brilliant thanks to the ruler – Mercury. According to Roman mythology, he served as mediator between God and mortals and was even the only deity who could travel to and from the underworld. The twins are very good at communicating, have no problem emotionally releasing themselves from a situation that affects and destroys others. Thanks to their creativity and motivation, they are a good sign for brainstorming, but also for gossiping.


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Sagittarius: Building on knowledge

This everyday character is dominated by Jupiter, a planet of abundance, expansion, higher education and wisdom. Therefore, the great scientists, scientists, tend to constantly learn and grow. To this is added the often advantageous ability to take risks. Every day the shooter tries to gain so much new experience and knowledge. He believes that he has the opportunity to present and talk about his own knowledge as good entertainment.


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Aquarius: A talented innovator

Under the rule of Uranus, the revolutionary planet of technology and innovation, Aquarius gradually becomes focused. He has a futuristic mindset, but he is still human in his heart. Many do not like him because he likes to break down old broken but comfortable rules and customs. It fights backward thinking and can fight for progress in every sense.


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