Wednesday , September 28 2022

Apple has already lost the title to the most valuable company. He was replaced by one of the biggest competitors


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The battle for the most valuable American company he took a new breath. You seem to remember the news a few months ago when Apple first lowered the threshold of 1 trillion and raised the title of America's most valuable company, but the current market situation sends California's companies deeper and deeper.

Apple's stock has reached its value two months ago, more than $ 1.12 trillion, but the US government then announced several prices for materials and goods that Apple also uses to create their own devices.

It did not even help slow down the start of new smartphone sales, which underlines that The company must limit the production of the iPhone XS and XS Max, while again restoring the production of the old iPhone X.

On Monday, Apple went over an evil rival. At the head of the famous competition for the most valuable American company got Microsoft. Microsoft managed to skip Apple for 8 years, but failed to hold the first partition for a long time.

The value of the shares in the California company fell, and so Microsoft was worth 812 billion to move to first place. The situation has changed at the end of the day when Apple once again climbed to the top with a value of $ 825 billion.

The fact that Microsoft has achieved more value than Apple 2010 underlines the weaker stock market development. Only in October, the Nasdaq market lost about 12 percent of its value.

Currently, the value is About 791.5 billion, On the other hand, Apple has a small lead in value 817 billion dollars. But the US government is talking about new tariffs again, so the situation can soon return to the list.

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