Saturday , July 2 2022

A 40-year-old singer born her second baby and fetched her favorite name


Photographed from the obstetrics department, a double mom praised the social network.

On Saturday, November 10, her second child singer Monika Absolon was born. Once again she became a mother after 40 years, celebrating her 42th birthday in September. In the world, she again took a song, as she had a nice and very used name – Matthew.

The boy presented the world with the first photo of her nativity scene. Happy mom wrote to the photo: "Let me introduce you. I am Matus Horna (2,962 grams and 49 centimeters). I was born last Saturday at the Faculty Hospital Kráľovské Vinohrady under the direction of MUDr. Wolf. I thank him and all his team for their professionalism, care and human attitude. Both mom and I are goodFather of family and friends celebrated and maybe celebrated, and my big brother, Tadeáš, sleeps. I am very curious about everything and everyone. "

The successful Czech singer was born 10 days earlier, the planned birthday was November 20 when her firstborn son was born, and even Tomáš Hornas partner. But the child was looking for the world a few days earlier.

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