Saturday , September 25 2021

Samsung Foldable Phone Tipped to Start March for US $ 1,770 – Channel News

After its teaser unveiling last week, recent reports claim that Samsung will launch its first foldable phone in March next year for approximately US $ 1,770.

According to Korean-based Yonhap News, Samsung will release its folding phone along with a 5G-capable Galaxy S10 in March.

Sources claim that the Galaxy S10 will reveal in February, with a 5G compatible version that starts one month later.

Samsung Mobile Boss DJ Koh confirmed last week at his developer conference that the collapsible phone would drop sometime in H1Y19, with broadcast volumes estimated at least 1 million.

According to Yonhap News Insiders claim that Samsung will use Mobile World Congress 2019 to showcase its folding phone before an official launch a month later.

While the pricing of Samsung's folding phone remains wrapped, Yonhap has been informed by "industry watchers", it will retail for about US $ 1,770 – a flagship price tipped to restrict sales.

Last week, Samsung demonstrated that the device would be folded inward, with its 4.6-inch-weighted screen that produces a 7.4-inch deployed display.

Unlike its Galaxy S10 variant, Samsung's folding phone is not expected to be 5G capable.

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