Wednesday , May 18 2022

Researchers have discovered a fundamentally new method of energy storage


Do not you feel useful?The discovery can be a breakthrough in alternative energy.

The main disadvantage of any alternate (renewable) energy is the impossibility of its efficient savings, and it is not impossible (or rather difficult) that windmills or solar panels are shut down.

At the moment, however, Swedish researchers seem to have found a solution, at least in the case of solar energy.

They have learned that energy is being transformed into liquid energy, which can then be stored for up to 20 years and more. The researchers could create a unique molecule consisting of hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen, which changes under the influence of sunlight, thereby translating it into the energy of the isomer-star.

In the future, this unique storage in liquid form can not only easily and hardly store solar energy, but has no trouble giving it in terms of heat. For this isomer, it is sufficient to place them in a particular catalyst.

Another advantage of this device – it is stored at room temperature.

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