Thursday , July 29 2021

Reactions to Ezra Miller in Playboy

If you missed it, Ezra Miller is in the latest release of Playboy. In the article, the actor spoke of his experience in Hollywood, working with Johnny Depp in "Amazing Animals: Grindelwald's Crime" and his sexuality.

Miller told the outlet that he identifies as polyamorous and queer, which he sees as "an umbrella of non-identification".

Instead of looking for a monogamic partner, Miller said he is in a "polycule" as a group that acts as a polyamorous molecule.

"I'm trying to find queer creatures that understand me like a bat of the bat, which I almost make a family relationship with, and I feel I'm married to them 25 years ago from the moment we meet." "And then they are in the squad – the polycylene. And I know they will love everyone else in the polyclaw because we are in the polyclinic, and we love each other so much."

On the web, people hear about Miller's interview – and corresponding photography where Miller was in the signature canon ear.

Ryan Pfluger / Playbo
The ears!
Ryan Pfluger / Playboy

People are proud of what it means for LGBTQ representation.

On the web people are freaking over the pictures and what it means for representation.

Others, to put it simply, are just freaking out.

Of course, this week's meme bike showed a look.

Although this was considered a milestone for the newspaper, it's not the first time the brand has profiled an LGBTQ + actor. This summer, the magazine ran a profile of Stephanie Beatriz, who identifies himself as bisexual, and plays a bisexual character on "Brooklyn 99." In his problem in November 2017, Playboy presented his first ever transgender Centerfold Playmate model, Ines Rau.

For all Playboy deficiencies in the treatment and likelihood of women over the years, the brand was an early master of gay rights when it became the helmet of Hugh Hefner. In 1955, the newspaper ran a novel entitled "The Crooked Man" by Charles Beaumont. Per Vox told the story "a dystopian future where homosexuality was the norm, heterosexuality was illegal and angry anti-bare mob marched through the street chanting" making our city clean again! "" Esquire then considered the controversial story and would not drive it, according to Vox.

In a 1994 interview with Hefner, published by the LGBT newspaper Attorney, Hefner talked about his commitment to human rights. "If the pursuit of happiness has any meaning at all as it is written in the Constitution, the government's intrusion into its bedroom, in personal sexual behavior, is as unconstitutional as anything can be," said Hefner.

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