Saturday , October 1 2022

OnePlus seeks users for closed beta testing of new OnePlus 6T features


Most people think of OnePlus running two different branches of its software updates. All units coming out of the box run the company's stable version of HydrogenOS or OxygenOS. They also have another branch that we talk about quite often here on the XDA, as it gives us an idea of ​​what will come in future stable OTA updates. This is known as the Open Beta program, but there is also a third branch. This is called "closed beta" and only a limited number of people are invited to test it. Earlier this week, the company announced that they are looking for people to test these closed beta versions for OnePlus 6T.

Normally, only OnePlus employees are close to insiders and people who are able to try out the closed beta buildings of OnePlus devices. Confidence is a difficult thing and we have already seen leaks when it comes to a closed beta building of HydrogenOS for OnePlus 5T. Having more people accessing these early buildings can damage the update's reputation (or device itself) because this is something we saw with the Essential Phone camera because the app was in a very early stage of development when released.

OnePlus 6T XDA Forum

But OnePlus is looking for 100 people to test the closed beta branch of OxygenOS for OnePlus 6T. We are told that this group must be able to keep things secret because they will test software updates with features "weeks or months before being released to the public." Because of this requirement, the selected members will sign an official NDA before they can become part of this closed beta program. It should also be noted that part of this program means that you have to flash quite often with some flashes that require it to be a clean installation. So if your OnePlus 6T is used as a daily driver and you can not handle the effort required for the program then it's probably not for you.

In addition to this, the rules for this closed beta program are as follows:

  • Use a OnePlus 6T
  • Be an active member of OnePlus Community
  • Be willing to communicate continuously and provide feedback to the OnePlus team at Slack

Those who are interested can fill in the participant request form here and cross your fingers to become one of the 100 lucky members chosen.

Source: OnePlus

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