Tuesday , September 28 2021

Napoli Ancelotti complains of rude Italian crowds

Rome: Italian football fans are watching matches that fight instead of sporting events, said Naples coach Carlo Ancelotti on Monday when he complained of rude and insulting behavior in the country's arenas.

The 59-year-old returned to Serie A this year after a nine-year absence when he agreed to take care of Naples, with coaches in England, Spain, France and Germany in the meantime.

"In Italy we stand behind the others at the cultural level," he said during an event in Florence. "We think a football match is a battle, when it's actually an event where there should not be room for misery."

Ancelotti said that he felt much better behavior during his travels outside the country.

"You are very unlikely to be insulted in England, while in France there is no passion in Spain and Italy … In Spain there is a strong rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid but without the inconvenience found in Italian arenas."

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho claimed he was insulted for the whole match during his side's 2-1 victory in Turin against Juventus in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Mourinho responded by cupping his ear in a gesture to home fans at the end of the match.

Ancelotti suggested that matches should be stopped if the insults had gone out of hand.

"They can stop the match for rain and then it can be stopped for insults," he said.

(Writing by Brian Homewood; Editing Ken Ferris)

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