Thursday , October 28 2021

Judge Judy tells Ellen DeGeneres She will not go sometime soon


Do not fear Judge Judy Sheindlin will not abandon her television career anytime soon.

Today's TV judge shuddered rumors that she retired to promote a skin care line under the appearance of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Friday. She told the host she continues to have "a wonderful time" on her own reality series, "Judge Judy", now in her 23rd season.

"This job, believe it or not, it's an anchor, because it gives you somewhere to go," Sheindlin explained, who said she was under contract by CBS for two and a half years. "I work every other week, so it's my anchor. And it gives me plenty of stagnation to get bored, and when I get bored, I usually chock people."

At 76, the referee said, "I feel young, except when I look at a full-length mirror. Then everything comes back!"

She reminded of a night out with Florence Henderson, where the "Brady Bunch" star offered words of advice stuck with her to this day.

"I remember having dinner with Flo when she turned 70," she said. "She said," Judy, 70 is the new 50. It's just a number. "And I remember it."

"The people I know are older and lively look like they are doing well," added Sheindlin. "And those people who are older and do not do anything to stay younger do not look as if they get the best place for their money."

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