Friday , August 12 2022

In the Odessa area, quarantine went for rabies


В Одесской области ввели карантин из-за бешенстваFrom the area you can start "clean" animals.

In the Odessa region, Izmail district announced officials quarantine in the village of Sailor, confirming a fall of rabies.

Hot to humans and animals The virus was found in red foxes, killed in the local hunting fields.

"Township and city head Izmail district to take effective measures to prevent within the settlement area of ​​homeless dogs and cats" – decided to state emergency cases issue commission.

The Commission also recommended that preventive vaccination against rabies of domestic cats and dogs and district veterinary hospitals ordered sanitary-educational work to prevent rabies and hunters were allowed to shoot foxes and other predators in the hunting fields, and to report to the local state food and consumer services.

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