Friday , October 7 2022

Despite deadly prospects, Elon Musk wants to go to Mars


It's 70 percent chance that Elon Musk will move to Mars.

The technology company – one of three iconic numbers interviewed for an Axio's HBO documentary series – hopes that he will ever ride one of his SpaceX rockets to the Red Planet.

"I'm talking about moving there," Musk said to Axio's co-founder Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen in an interview that broadcast Sunday. "We have recently made a number of breakthroughs that I just really fired about."

The idea that people colonize and terraform Mars are "science fiction," according to Bill Nye.

Last week, the science communicator and television presenter suggested that modern technology is not just busy for the task. Nor is our contiguous planet – with an average temperature far below freezing and a general lack of food or water.

"And the big thing," added New: "There is nothing to breathe."

Muskus, however, remains impossible.

His space company recently snagged his first private astronaut, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, and renamed the Big Falcon Rocket Starship. It also set a date-Jan. 7, 2019-for NASA's first test of the Opeloted Falcon 9 Rocket and Crew Dragon Spacecraft.

These achievements, however pale in comparison to what Musk thinks of for the future.

In less than a decade, people could catch Mars.

But life's adventure will not be cheap; Ticket prices are estimated to cost "around a few hundred thousand dollars" each.

Nevertheless, Musk rushed out of the idea that a cosmic cruise would be "a refuge for rich people".

"Your likelihood of dying on Mars is much higher than the earth," he said. "Actually, the ad going to Mars will be like [Sir Ernest] Shackleton [supposed] advertisement to go to Antarctica.

"It will be difficult. There is a good chance of dying, going into a small jar through deep space," continued Musk. "You Power land successfully. As you land successfully, you work nonstop to build the base. So, you know, not much time for leisure. And when you get there, even after doing all this, it's a very tough environment, so … there's a good chance you die there.

"We think you can come back, but we're not sure," Musk acknowledged.

None of it seems to scare the 21st most powerful person in the world and 54th richest person on earth.

"There are many people climbing mountains," Allen said. "Why do they climb the mountains? Because people die at Mount Everest all the time. They like to do it for the challenge."

Musk is presented together with Christian evangelist Franklin Graham and Microsoft founder and advocate Bill Gates in the fourth part of Axio's limited documentary series.

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