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Cyber ​​Monday Deal: This set of cast iron pans is half of today. Buy it.

A good set of cast iron pans gets you far into the kitchen. The tools are at the stove top, as they are in the oven, on a barbecue or over a campfire, and are important for cooking at the next level in your favorite food. Do you want to put a steak like a seasoned chef? You need cast iron. Do you want to cook the crispest, most juicy chicken you've ever cooked? You need cast iron. Do you want to make spark ass cornbread? Throw. Iron. The list goes on. In short, the tools are some of the most versatile in your kitchen. And today, to commemorate Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon has an excellent sale on a 5-piece set of cast iron boilers from Lodge. While usually $ 150, the set is priced today at $ 70. That's a lot of a deal.

Lodge is the unofficial king of spiced cast iron boiler, which has created the tools since its foundation in 1896. If you take care of the Lodge equipment, they will be long until your children's children are old enough to cook themselves. If you know, food will need to be cooked at that time in the future and not consumed in pill form. This five-piece set includes a 10.5 inch Griddle, 8-inch skillet, 10.25 inch skillet, 5 Quart Dutch Oven and cast iron cupboard that fits both the pan and the Dutch oven. You can prep pretty much everything with this set, from quick breakfast to 12 hour braises. And if you do not want all the components, we're sure you have a family member who can enjoy one. Cast iron is the gift that continues to give.

Buy now $ 70

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