Friday , August 19 2022

Vucic congratulated Zvezda on victory over Liverpool


Vučić congratulated the leaders of the basketball clubs Partizan and Zvezda, responding to questions from journalists in Helsinki saying that he was happy for the success of all Serbian athletes.

The president said that many opposition politicians criticized him for failing and said that the bad state of the Red Star was his direct mistake, and that no-one had said yesterday it was his fault or merit.

"Because it was not guilty, it's not worth it. As much as the state had to help, we helped so much – both the stars and Partizan," Vucic said.

He said he was pleased with the success of the Serbian football and that he expects even bigger successes from the national team. He also says that he has commented on the news about the stadium's design and application for the World Cup in football and he does not understand why this bothers some people.

"We're probably not going to win the World Cup, but at least we will build stadiums. Why do you bother us? We'll do it by reducing public debt," said Vucic.

"When they tell me, they laughed at Vucie's story about it and we have no venues … Probably because Vucic broke all the magnificent stadiums that Djema and Jeremic left. They did not build, but we will raise everything they are not someone else will do it to ensure financial stability, "said Vucic.

He said he learned that all failures would be blamed.

"I learned that when they succeed there is no one, there are none, when they fail, there is only one guilty, and for the rain, for the sun, the flag of Notre Dame, the Albanian dronan, for one man is wrong. I learned to accept here Those who do not hate me would say lightning bars, those who do not like the guilty guilty … Somebody must be, "said Vucic.

Vucic said that in the miracle's policy they do not happen that they happen once in five, ten or twenty years, like when Zvezda wins Liverpool.

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