Saturday , September 18 2021

True, Nutella has two recipes for different markets

An organic recipe, one from Italy, is available in all member states, except in Germany, Ferero confirmed

Controversy over the difference in quality Nutella is first and foremost the result of various recipes in production, as well as consumer traditions and tastes.

This was stated by Mari-Pauli Benasi, Director of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Justice and Consumer Protection at a Consumer Rights Round Table in Zagreb.

In recent years, various studies in some Member States have shown that there are differences in composition and characteristics of the same brands between mainly the markets of the Eastern and "Old" members. According to the Commission, their results due to different ways of collecting samples, testing and interpretation of data are not comparable, Tportal writes.

"We talked to Ferrera, the owner of the Nutella product, so they explained to us that they have two recipes. An official recipe, one from Italy, is available in all member states except in Germany. Another prescription is used there, she replied when she was asked about the problem of dual quality products on the European market in connection with the Nutella case.

"Ferero has been working to change prescriptions to get the Italian recipe to all consumers. In Italy, the original Italian recipe will be available, as in France and other member states," added Benassi.

Benassi also noted that there is no clear definition of quality in the European Union, and it depends greatly on the people's tradition and taste. She noted that there is a wide legislative framework in the EU that protects consumer rights, but for this process, the consumer's awareness of their rights is emphasized as the most important.


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