Saturday , October 1 2022

Tramp tax on import phone from China to USA, iPhone import tax from China


The US president says he is considering introducing additional taxes on imports of mobile phones from China.

Donald Tramp is in an interview for Wall Street Journal said there was an opportunity, that is, to think about introducing a tax on mobile phones imported from China. Asking about this meant that the iPhone would be taxed as it is pedal Hinted, 10 or 25 percent, said the US president: "Possibly possible. It depends on how much the tax would be. I mean I could make it 10 percent, it would be easy for people to wear".

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The US president also afforded anyone who is afraid that by introducing a new tax, their phones could go up in the United States, including Apple, which phones are designed in the United States and folded and imported from China: "What I would advise everyone is to build production facilities in the country and make their own appliances here"To add that all manufacturers still have many options to avoid further taxation of their goods from China.

Economic experts fear not only to increase prices for iPhone phones, but also other models imported from China, with which the United States in the so-called. "Trade war" led to a significant slowdown in the state economy. The same is the situation with relocation of factories for manufacturing phones from China to the United States. The increase in production due to labor and other factors would again affect the US economy in the same way as this announced tax.

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