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Tomic: We were not ready from the start of the match. | basketball


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07 November 2018. 23:47 |

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Many blown balls, many of Ulm's counterparts, when you get 25 points from them, you can not get this kind of match – says Starren's coach

Coach basketball Red Star Milan Tomic said that his team from the start of tonight's match against Ulm was not ready and allowed the players not to answer what he asked for them.

"We were not ready from the start of the match. We were tactically prepared for some things and players that we knew what we could do. Let's take it as an example of Patrick Miller. But the players did not answer and answered what I asked about them – said Tomic.

Red Star players lost tonight away from Ulm's team by 80-95 in the sixth round of Eurocup and then registered a second defeat.

Red and white played a bad game, where they were in secondary position from the beginning.

This is the first time this season like Zvezda has received more than 90 points.

– Many lost ball, lots of counterattack Ulma. When you get 25 points from the opposition, you can not get this game. We also knew that Ulm played a lot "1 to 1". We defended ourselves defensively for this, but we did not do that on the field. Congratulations to the Ulma team, they were better – said Tomic.

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