Thursday , January 21 2021

The Republic / Ban blushed and discovered Zerinin's horrible secret: You have a tumor! Official

She switches to her for alcohol, but also for the bundled … Bane and Zerina

– You did not sleep all night. I'll see you here, I'll defend you here. You see, I'm afraid of such a dress, and you did it again. It's ugly. Every three days we argue. I lost 11 kg for you. I shook your head from the wall for you. You ask. If I say you do not drink alcohol, not because you have a tumor. I worry about you. It is * and if you want to, I do not worry about it. You tell your hair drops. So if you fall down, do not drink, so you do not get the tumor back, "Colak said, shocking him.

Alexander beat Ivan and Mina, security came to Belo House! Official

He found that she has a tumor … Cholak and Heceo

Still, Hece did not really feel the Ban's concern properly.

– What do you wan't from me? For the coffin, you should have my mom. You have not changed at all. You told me to look at my mom and my darling like I was naked here, said Zerina.

However, Čolak did not give up:

– They ask me why I have no appetite, why do I look at Zerina drinking whiskey here, your eyes turn on. You do not get tired of drinking alcohol so you do not get the tumor again. Because you hate me all the time, my born mother hates me. Your mother told me not to let you drink, you have a good tumor, a bad one, "said Colak.

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