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Srdjan was killed in front of a daughter, the killer came from Bulgaria? | chronicle


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28 november 2018 08:00 |

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Police are looking for attackers who are on their way from a motorcycle, shooting Srđan Aleksić (38). Probably, he was engaged in digging

FIREWORKS police are searching for the murderer or assassin of Srdjan Aleksic, 38, who was killed on Monday with motorcycles on his way. While leaving his girlfriend from his BMV car, in a parking lot in Takovska Street, unknown attackers opened fire on him and caused great damage from which he diedin.

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The girl Srđan led to classes of foreign languages, fortunately, passed without any damage. Who and why he was killed by Aleksic will show a survey, only those who knew him say that he, among other things, engaged in greenery and that he was doing jobs in neighboring Bulgaria. It does not rule out the possibility that the killers are there and engaged.

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From the moment of liquidation, seen in films about mafia accounts, the police blocked the entire region, but also left the city against Bela Palanka, Dimitrovgrad and Babušnica. It is still uncertain whether the attacks were masked, whether they had helmets on their heads and if they were filmed by some of the cameras from nearby buildings.

"He quickly died because he probably hit his back in his heart. He was a big man and hardly managed to get him into an ambulance. Rafal of a few shots heard it as a burglar – one of the people who came to Aleksic for help told us. "In addition to his BMV, a white opel parked next to which the owner was in a nearby shop struck a hit.

As we learned, the police captured more people from the pirate's criminal environment overnight listening to them. Some have been released, some have been detained. It also seeks a motorcycle from which a deadly shot has been fired.

A car where Dejan Ilic burned

Aleksic, who is more famous in the Pirot than the Moon, was released several years ago from a nine-year prison where he died after Dejan Ilić, owner of the disco "Baj Itali", killed. The accused and his co-workers Draga Đorđević and the brothers Filip and Nikola Stefanović responded with the same actions. Dejan Ilic, better known as Gedza, annoyed them because he did not release them to the disco where he celebrated his birthday in 2005. A few hours later, before morning, they awaited their home at Sarlah and caught Molotov's cocktails. The car in the car as I was unfortunate ilic hit the bunker, and he burned alive at that moment.

Otherwise, Aleksic left his wife and three children behind him.


CRIME where Srdjan Aleksic participated was successful thanks to the excellent work of forensics. Unnamed: In the car in which Dejan Ilic burned, traces of mass glasses of Molotov cocktails were discovered, and on them were the fingerprints of the attackers.

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