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Relieve stress in a few steps

Almost every day we hear the word "I'm stressed." The causes are different, starting with work, privacy, money situation and many other factors. Sometimes it seems that stress has become so widespread in our lives that we also think it is a normal occurrence.

The fast-paced lifestyle, the hunt and the feeling that we do not have enough time to achieve the many commitments we meet each day further adds to the feeling of being nervous. At these moments, even the smallest trigger is enough for us to "explode".

Since we spend a lot of time at work, the most common sources of stress are right there. Short deadlines, workloads, high goals and constant communication with people can all make us very worried. Even with all these factors on our left foot, we want everyone out of the way. But unfortunately, it will sometimes happen that your boss gives you an extra job or colleague to go on sick leave or vacation and all his work falls on you.

It is very important to relieve stress in time, just so that we do not get into a situation where we "explode". Many studies say that some of the most effective ways to relieve stress are by exercising, walking, meditating or talking. That is true, but how do we react when we are in an office, cluttered with work and simply unable to do any of the above?


Although we often forget it, proper breathing is one of the most important solutions to relieve stress and improve mood. However, it is rare for anyone to remember this when a situation arises that leads him to stress. Fortunately, thanks to technology that is more advanced today than ever, there are devices that think of such things for us. Such a unit is new Huawei Watch GT 2 smart watch. The advanced features of this watch measure your stress levels daily and store data, so at the end of each week or month you can see how stressed you were. All you have to do is enable this option. But let's not forget, it's all about breathing. Therefore, there is also a Relax option on this smart watch that is just there for you to breathe together. By activating this option, your Huawei Watch GT 2 smartwatch will visually signal you at what time you need to inhale, and at what time to exhale, to get your heartbeat and breath in balance, which is disturbed by a stressful situation. Take a few minutes to get your breathing back to normal with the help of an ally on your wrist and continue your work day stress-free.

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