Tuesday , December 1 2020

People who had a crown and took this vitamin, stood up for the third day!

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Immunologist Borislav Kamenov told H1 that vitamin D is the most important for protection of the organism from coronavirus, as well as from other seasonal viruses.

Kamenov pointed out that adults should go to 10,000 units of this vitamin to defend against diseases, while the number is in younger people 5,000.

“The effectiveness of vitamin D is undeniable, and I think it’s the secret of why the disease has intensified recently. Because while the weather was fine, while it was sunny, we are also received vitamin D through the sun. Many have found a substitute, those who have low levels of that vitamin. When this vitamin is no longer focused on substitution, and we do so in extremely small doses. I know many friends who they drink 400 units, maximum 1000, and they think that’s enough. ” Kamenov says and explains that there are recommendations that say that young people should take up to 5,000 units and older people 10,000 units a day.

He points out that they are for patients need huge doses, as well as citizens still taking too little vitamin D.

“We do not know the virus well enough, but we should recognize our organism we do not have enough vitamin D, then we risk suffering from covid. I am not saying that the measures are not important, but they are not enough during this time “, Kamenov emphasizes.

He recalls that it has happened before recommended vitamin D, and that the number of patients decreased after that, but he warns that with the change of time the situation has changed and that it has necessary to take.

He warns that it happened, especially in the United States, that some patients overdosed on this vitamin, so some of them took 80,000 units each.

All this can be monitored nicely and we can be sure that there will be no overdose. Although the fear of overdose is unnecessary. “There were sick people who got up to 100,000 units, and after that they got up on the third day,” he states.

Kamenov responded to some doctors’ comments so much taking vitamin D there is no professional protocol, answers with a counter-question: “How many more people can be affected until the protocol is changed. It may be 20 years before that. “

He pointed out that in addition to vitamin D, the condition of the organism is very important, and especially the condition of the intestines, ie. digestive tract.

People who have bloating and are poisoned by milk or some other food have a large amount of toxins that compete in the consumption of vitamin D. And that vitamin mainly kills the virus. And it not only kills him but it also prevents a hard cellular response. ” emphasizes Kamenov.

“Studies have shown that those who have normal levels of vitamin D rarely get covid, and anyone who has low vitamin D gets sick and often dies.” concludes Kamenov.

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