Monday , April 12 2021

Partizan fans fought in the Strahinjić course

Several hooligans, Partizan fans stayed last night on Strahinjića Lane Street in front of Partizan and Cibona within the regional ABA league, reported media.

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Photo: Mondo / Goran Sivachki

According to unofficial information, Partizan fans are from Partizanovci, led by Milos Radisavljevic Kimi.

Several dozen Grobari gathered in a cafe in Strabinic Lane Street to warm up for black and white games with Cibona within the regional ABA league.

As time passed, alcohol made its own, and Grobari began to act scary. They started with a crumbling cafe, burning torches and an oversized winding that disturbed the neighbors, writing "Courier".

The neighbors called the police soon, which was formed on the spot in a matter of minutes. The burial sites tried to fly, some cars, some on foot, but the police's rapid reaction broke down. Several of Grobari were imprisoned because of the visible alcoholic state and some because of the possession of pyrotechnics.

According to the eyewitnesses, the party leader Milos Radisavljevic Kimi was in place, who later disappeared from the scene. There is no confirmation from the police that the leader was taken to a nearby police station.

It has been unambiguously learned that about 20 fans of Partizan have been entered, whose name has not yet been published to the public.

During the course of the police, the entire street Stahinjića was completely closed, and the city center was practically paralyzed for some time.

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