Wednesday , September 28 2022

MOT "GUGLA" The accused is SEND USER



Seven European Consumer Protection Teams filed a lawsuit today against Gugla in their countries accusing the giant of tracing users, a violation of EU data protection rules.

The trials require that the Consumer Council conclusions conclude that the company used "misleading design and fraudulent information, and as a result many users agree that it is constantly being monitored."

Councilor Gro Mete Moen said that "Gugl" uses very detailed and extensive personal information without a fair legal basis, and this data comes through manipulative techniques. "

A lawsuit against "Gugla" was filed in the Czech Republic, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia and Sweden.

They are based on the EU General Data Descriptive Regulation, adopted in May.

Google is required to monitor users' movements through programs embedded in all "Gugl" accounts, and in particular through the collection of user location information.

– Such surveillance is particularly difficult to avoid mobile phone users with the Android operating system "Samsung" and "Huawei" – notes the consumer council from Norway.

According to the website "Stethoscopes", almost 70 percent of mobile phones in Europe have an operating system "android".

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