Saturday , August 13 2022

Mali: At the freelancer’s suggestion next year, taxes will be paid in each state


Finance Minister Siniša Mali stated that he had received the initiative “Do not destroy freelancers” and pointed out that their proposal could be discussed next year, when a new set of personal income tax laws is being prepared.

Until then, says the minister, he does not want to argue with anyone via the media and the Internet on the subject – whether he should pay taxes.

“The tax law has not changed in several years and that law is the same for everyone. In all modern states, the tax must be paid. Whether it is paid or not, it is not the responsibility of the tax administration or the state but the individual who has the obligation to use some of the money to pay taxes, Mali told Tanjug.

He points out that next year the proposals from the “Do not destroy freelancers” initiative will be considered and that he will talk about it with the representatives of the initiative.

The online workers’ union responded to the Minister of Finance. The statement said that if the repressive tax policy continues, it really means that tens of thousands of people will be on the brink of poverty – “people who have been in a country that has obviously offered them nothing but threats to take their hard earned money.” “.

“We agree with the Minister that taxes and fees should be paid, but that does not diminish the fact that the law is obsolete and that such a sudden application of the law can in no way be a way to bring workers online to legal channels,” the statement added. .

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