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Like the twins: Princess Charlotte has the genius of the Diana family, this is who she really looks like


The irresistible photo quickly reminded many Britons from the British Empire of what happened last year at the entrance to the Kensington Palace, when in the foreground was a little Charlotte

A woman's favorite at the royal court, a three-year-old princess Charlotte Last year she went to kindergarten. At that time he recorded a historical photo of the sweethearted successor, who discovered the resemblance to the beauty Kitty Spenser, the princess's brotherhood Diana.

Social networks have been shocked by the incredible resemblance of the three-year-old princess and kitty for several days.

Unnamed: Through Instagram, 27-year-old Kitty told her early childhood and published a photo from the school's first day.

The irresistible photo quickly reminded many fans in the British empire of the one who came out last year at the entrance to the Kensington Palace, when in the foreground was little Charlotte.

"They are like twins," wrote one of the fans, and compared the photos that really show great physical resemblance.

"Princess Charlotte has the genes in the Spencer family. You look very," "I thought it was a little Charlotte," "Princess Charlotte looks like you," are just a few comments from happy fans.

Otherwise, Kitty Spencer is the first child Charles Spencer (the younger brother of Princess Diana) and Victoria Aitken. Although it is not blood-related with monarchy, a 27-year-old beauty is the first cousin to Diana's sons, Prince William and Hari, and have remained with them in very good relations for all years. It was also seen from the decision that Harry, like the rest of her family, is requesting a wedding with Megan Markl.

Kitty grew up in Cape Town, where she studied psychology, political science and English literature. She graduated in London, where she also received a master's degree in "Managing luxury brands". Her great passion is fashion and has already become a very serious name in the fashion industry.

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