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IN HAPPY MAKE HALKIJEVIC: In heroin fans and "Scorpio" | chronicle

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November 11, 2018 22:00 |

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Belgrade police arrested Majko Halkijevic, 42, a member of the Borca fan group

BELGRADE policemen arrested Majko Halkijevic, 42, members of the subgroup under the control of Milos Radisavljevic Kimija, in an action to suppress drug dealers from the city streets. In addition to the drug, a sentenced hooligan weapon found him not allowed.

During the search of Halkijevic's house in Borca, near Belgrade, several armed forces were allegedly – a 15-bullet scorpion, a silencer, a box of 20 calves of the same caliber, a gas gun, a fox for binding … The police, according to unofficial information, found heroin package ready for further sale, as well as a precision gauge.

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Otherwise, Halkijevic is an old police officer. He has been convicted several times for heavy theft, illegal possession of weapons and ammunition and to cause serious danger. He sat down on the bench as one of the leaders of Partizan fans. He was tried for Aleksandar Radovic's death (17), the Red Star fans, who suffered a light racket in the 1999 derby in Partizan Stadium and were killed.

Halkijevic, however, was not tried for murder, but to cause a general danger and had a year and 11 months in prison. In addition to him, seven other fans were convicted of the same crime, for a period of one year and one to six months in prison.

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