Sunday , July 25 2021

In all schools, time is for tolerance

"I'm glad that the education minister accepted my initiative to be dedicated to the first time in schools tomorrow, and I would like it to be a tradition every November 16," told Tanjug Jankovic ahead of the International Day of Tolerance.

This holiday will be characterized by the annual "Serbia Without Discrimination – Strengths and Challenges" conference, which will present the research on media relations against discrimination and the results of a project conducted in cooperation with the UK on legal protection against discrimination.

classroom students to students of education

Jankovic said that the number of complaints for discrimination increased but that there was no cause for concern, but an indication that, as I say, the citizens are more trusted in the institutions and encouraged to report a violation of human rights.

The Commissioner says that the majority of complaints continue to deal with people with disabilities and gender discrimination, and more often there are cases of discrimination on grounds of state of health and age.

According to her, the labor market is still an area where discrimination is most pronounced, both full and old.

Jankovic finds that there is great tolerance in our society for incompatible, even dangerous political statements in the public, understood as a reflection of personal insecurity, immorality and irresponsibility.

On the other hand, he says that through the migration crisis and Pride Parade our society has shown that it has an increasing understanding of diversity, but he says shows intolerance when least expected, as was the case with Paralympic Boris Stojiljkovic, who in Novi Sad he wants Do not rent an apartment.

As far as national minorities are concerned, it points out that Serbia fully complies with international norms and states that discrimination is still the greatest for the Roma.

According to Jankovic, this institution has initiated three attempts in accordance with the law this year and two legal cases were filed against two university professors (Branislav Ristivojevic and Vladimir Dimitrijevic, Prime Minister) who, according to her statements, insulted women and members of the HGB population.

"We run the third trial for a citizen who is discriminated against at work, and she was fired when she was diagnosed with leukemia," says Jankovic.

Speaking of media relations, he stressed that the media has become a true partner for the commissioner's institution in the fight against discrimination aware of the importance of this subject.

Jankovic added that Serbia has a good legal framework for combating discrimination, but stressed that it is necessary to work with the change of consciousness and that a tolerant society should be built through education and culture.

Mihajlovic: More tolerance is needed

In connection with the International Day of Tolerance, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia and Chairman of the Equal Opportunities Body Zoran Mihajlovic said it is necessary to work against the fight against prejudice and stereotypes daily and to teach young people to respect each other, taking into account different attitudes and lifestyles.

"Tolerance is taught in the family as it should be taught in kindergartens and schools. Learning the youngest to respect each other and care for each other creates the society we seek – a society without violence where all citizens have equal opportunities for growth and development" , said Zorana Mihajlovic, her cabinets were transferred.

She stressed that it is important that everyone reminds us of the beauty of diversity and the need to contribute to mutual respect and harmony, regardless of nationality, religion, political commitment or whether it is a man or a woman.

"As a society, we lack more tolerance and empathy towards others," said Zorana Mihajlovic.

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