Friday , October 7 2022

Has an unknown Chinese doctor created the first generic design BEBE and still claims that he is resistant to HIV


he điankuiPhoto: Printcreen YT / youtube

Chinese scientist Han Jiankui, who no-one knew yesterday, excited the entire scientific and medical world by claiming that he had altered embryonic genes in seven different pairs during artificial insemination, thereby creating twins resistant to HIV. Recognized researchers around the world condemned their experiment of "designing a baby", which says it was about opening Pandora's box.

He worked as a deputy professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology in China, Shenzhen, claiming that he has used the CRISPR genealogy technology on embryos of seven different couples during the artificial insemination process, resulting in twins born this month.

The twins were born healthy a few weeks ago, and are known as Lulu and Nana. If he is right, these world's first children are born with changed genes. He says he has changed the twins embryonic in the hope that children will be resistant to HIV.