Wednesday , September 28 2022

Haradinaj, without commenting on his departure, looks forward to seeing them so quickly


Ramush Haradinaj told reporters that he will pronounce his position on the situation in the north tomorrow while he has other obligations today.

"The four mayors' break in northern Kosovo is a quick decision and harmful to the citizens of these municipalities, as well as the relations between communities in Kosovo. I urge all the citizens of the north to limit, calm and balanced reactions to the situation that has arisen in recent days" are happy Facebook.

Kosovo, he says, "continues to invest maximally to improve inter-ethnic coexistence within the country and strengthen stability and good neighborly relations in the region."

The president of the democratic alliance in Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, said that, as he said, today's Serbian acts, the departures from the mayors of four municipalities and the resolution on the termination of communication with Pristina are a clear signal in which direction the country is going, "RTK 2 reported .

As Mustafa said, "Prishtina officials should take care of the country's constitutional order until it's too late", and allow the state not to be maintained and not run – folklore.

The mayors of four Serbian majority municipalities in northern Kosovo left their departures this morning because of Pristina's decision to pay a 100 percent duty on Serbia's goods.

On the invitation from the United States to levy taxes, Kosovo's Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj's advisor and a representative of Pristina's institutions in dialogue with Belgrade Avni Arifi said he would not do that.

Arifi told the Pristina portal Lajm that the government of Kosovo will fall rather than withdraw the decision to raise the tax to 100 percent on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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