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Felany and De Hea saved Mourinho's use and introduced the unbeatable United in the eighth finale! (VIDEO)


Felany and De Hea saved Mourinho's use and introduced the unbeatable United in the eighth finale! (VIDEO)

The new Bruins of Manchester United was at the pier, but it is by the way what you know David de Hea and Maruan Felany seemed like savior Jose Mourinho. In 91 minutes of the match, United beat young boys at Old Trafford 1: 0 in a pittance and secured a seat in the Champions League Eighth.

Seconds were shared by Young Boys from the deserved interior of Tetra Dreams, but the defense went on target and let Fellaini that he easily took the ball into the penalty area and made a goal that solved everything. In this way, Valencia won the chance to eliminate Red Devils in the final round of the Most Active and Safe Place in the eighth finale.

That way almost everything is known. Juventus and United enter the knockout stage, with Juventus before the Swiss tournament, closer to the first place. Valencia is third and goes to Europa League, and Young Boys finished European football this season.

Even the points against Switzerland outsiders at Old Trafford would be a success for the red devils, because they played bad tonight and how far the football is uncomfortable. They had a chance to play, but again they were amazing David the Hea rescued Manchester United and showed that he is the strongest link in this team. It's sad to see this kind of United when you remember how this type of rivals used to be Aleksandar Ferguson and what was the fear and grief of Manchester United.

They had the Red Devils a chance, but they are Rašford puffed up in the first half. He lacked three sunny opportunities. It is Mourinho in the second half he had to take the bench Pogba. Matu and Lukakua because the link with matic. Peace. Felainija and Lingard He did nothing in half of the Swiss and Marsijal He did not see it at the top.

70 minutes into the game, Yang Boys had a chance to play the Hea A magnificent parade from the finish line took away the ball that went into the net. Milimeters shared young boys from the goal that could give them a victory. And then they remained with nothing because it was Fellaini once again played the role as a fake center …

Juventus finished routinely with Valencia and almost certified the first place in the group giving him more chances for the easier rivals in the eighth finals drawing. Although Blindmus gave reasonable resistance to Turin, the class is a class. With an attack Ronaldo – Dibala – MandzukićJuventus is too strong for teams like Valencia …

Valencia had two good chances your and Dijakabija in the first half, but they are Chiellini and Ščensni miraculous defense rescued the Italian master. In the other part Juve let gas, Ronaldo he helped Mandzukic at Peter for 1: 0 and then everything was routine.

They could Ronaldo and Dibala to make the victory convincing, but Juventus was once too bad net was at the height of the task before Spain's goal. But even those 1: 0 were enough for Bjankers to easily get another victory.




AEK – Ajax 0: 2 (0: 0)
/ Tadić 68 penalty, 72 /

Bayern Munich – Benfica 5: 1 (3: 0)
/ Roben 13, 30, Levandovski 36, 51, Riberi 77 – Fernandes 46 /


Lyon – Manchester City 2: 2 (0: 0)
/ Korne 55, 81 – Laport 62, Aguero 83 /

Hoffenheim – Shakhtar 2: 3 (2: 2)
/ Kramarić 17, Cuber 40 – Ismaili 14, Tyson 15, 90 + 2 /


CSKA Moscow – Plzen 1: 2 (1: 0)
/ Vlasic 10 Penalties – Prohaska 56, Heydda 81 /

Roma – Real Madrid 0: 2 (0: 0)
/ Bail 47, Vaskez 59 /


Juventus – Valencia 1: 0 (0: 0)
/ Mandžukić 59 /

Manchester United – Young Boys 1: 0 (0: 0)
/ Felaini 90 + 1 /



18.55: (1.18) Atletico Madrid (7.25) Monaco (15.00)
21.00: (1.30) Dortmund (5.70) Club Brugge (9.00)


21.00: (1.75) Tottenham (3.60) Inter (4.90)
21:00: (6.25) PSV (4.40) Barcelona (1.50)


21:00: (1.13) Naples (8.50) Red Star (19.00)
21:00: (2.10) Paris Saint-Germain (3.45) Liverpool (3.50)


18.55: (2.45) Lokomotiv Moscow (3.10) Galatasaray (3.10)
21.00: (1.80) Porto (3.45) Schalke (4.80)

(PHOTO: Reuters)

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