Saturday , September 18 2021

Djuric: Lazar Markovic? The best transfer in Partizan's history

The former president of the black and white claims that Partizan was useful

PHOTO: V. Marković

The report "Football League", published in German "Spiegel", on transfers Lazara Markovic and Danilo Pantic from Partizan, or – sell the rights to the office of a famous boss Pini Zahavi, the then president of Steam Roller returned – Dragana Đurića.

Lazar Markovic? The best transfer in Partizan's history He cried Djuric, obviously aimed at a subject in Serbian media, came from abroad, did not even wait to ask him a question.

What does this mean?

– In Lazar we did not invest a dinar, we sold it for seven million! A good guy and a football player, I do not understand why he does not play in a big club. Perhaps it would be best for him to return to Partizan for a short while, do you know what he is for this league? Week on lotus!

The subject is – Zahavi?

– What the agency did after work, I do not care!

Pantic transfer?

– Yes, they face false facts … I do not remember the transfer at all when I was not in Partizan. Pantic went on time for the current administration!

Does your voice seem to be a bitterness?

– I have tried every way to extend the contract with Pantic. The father did not want him to be unfair. Do you know if I would return it to Partizan? Never!

How did you work with Nikolom Damjancem and Pinin Zahavi?

Extremely correct! High quality transfer, Partizan was profit. What is Pini after the radio, I really do not care – he emphasized Dragan Djuric.

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