Friday , August 12 2022

CAN NOT HERE, HELP HELP Mini Vrbaski gets sick in "Cooperative", the participants worried about their health


cooperativePhoto: screenshot

Mina Vrbaski was told a few days ago that her mother, Ivana Vrbaski, would feed her father to her room mate, Aleksandra Subotic, whom she did not like at all.

Photo: Printcreen / youtube

The young cooperative was not happy to get this information. With this knowledge, Mina decided on a radical move – changing the diet.

How things are psychic shock, and even physical, have affected the participant rijalitija. She began to bend with pains during the day, she could not move, and coworkers ran to help her, as well as safety.

Photo: screenshot

After a while, Mina joined, while rialitti participants commented that they were worried about her health.

Former co-pilot Mina Vrbaski revealed the scandalous details of the controversial participant in "Cooperative" who shocked everyone, and the details are here.

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