Saturday , October 1 2022

AND VIDEO VIDEO PAGE ANABELINE It will surprise you with its comment


Anabela Atijas and Slobodan RadanovicPhoto: Instagram / screenshot

Sloba Radanovic published the song "Kocka", and yesterday the campaign was organized. They came to support him by many colleagues, and he commented on Anabel at that moment who recently cried in the show when she saw a video of his entry into "Cooperative".

Photo: Printcreen / Instagram

– I'm also sorry that Anabel cried – Slobodan Radanovic said, and there is no doubt that his words will surprise many.

Photo: screenshot

– Mothers are mothers and their tears are the hardest. My very emotional and happy is that after my exit from the rialitia everything was calm. She could see me hugging, and it made things a lot easier – allow the people for "Alo" and quit:

"Caring for a child is a concern for a child, I have two or thirty two years.

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