Sunday , May 9 2021

ANA KORAĆ UPDATED PSYCHIC SLOMM! The co-worker shouted like rain, and Alexander and David RAZKINULI FROM IT!

She was alone and enjoyed the song "Who cares for her being there", and at such a time, such an emotional blow came that Korac began to cry because at that moment she remembered her father who had recently died.

The tears ran down the face, the makeup smiled and Ana just wanted to cry everything she had on her soul. Even though she was always nice and tidy she did not always care about showing her more tenderly and emotionally.

Otherwise, Aleksandra Subotić and David Dragojević have constant controversies with this employee, she broke up and hit a finger ring at one point because she thinks that her boyfriend wants to be with Koračev. Well, in this context, these tears today complicate the already confused situation in the imaginary.

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