Sunday , May 22 2022

Total entries green result in 1st half


Good performance for the subsidiary of the Total Group in Senegal. According to the information published by the company in the first half of 2018, it achieved a standard income before tax of 5 407 billion CFAF, or approximately SEK 9,911 million. This is a performance welcomed by Senegal officials. According to them, operations increased by 2,392 billion CFA francs (3.015 billion CFA francs for the first half of 2017) compared to the same period the year before, in practice, an increase in operations of ordinary earnings before tax of 79.3%.

In the case of Total Senegal's net sales before tax in late June 2018, it also experienced a sharp 21% increase in relative value, amounting to $ 184,892 billion against 152,488 billion CFA francs registered on June 30, 2017, ie. a year earlier. According to the management of Total Senegal, this performance recorded by the company is attributable to the growth of 16.9% of domestic sales, reaching 307,680 tonnes in the period January-June 2018, against 263,306 tonnes in the same period 2017.

A dynamic to maintain

In view of the results, the French group has announced that it will run its operational excellence plan combined with the team's dynamics and know-how. In total, Senegal indicates that this plan will enable the company to continue on the same dynamics by increasing its performance in a market as a leader in fuel distribution.

Recall that the company Total Senegal serves a large network of 175 service stations in Senegal, but also a business clientele. It is 69.1% owned by the Total Group and has been listed on the regional stock exchange (BRVM) since February 2015.

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