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Thierry Henry quips after Monaco-PSG: "I'll see if I can get a license" – Ligue 1

In addition to a joke about a possible return to the field, Thierry Henry has lagged behind the new setback that his team Sunday led to PSG. One point he wanted to be optimistic but ready.

At the Louis II Stadium

Thierry, how do you analyze this setback against Paris, and how to reverse the trend?
Thierry Henry : We knew it would be difficult in Paris, so we will not look for excuses. It differs from the game against Bruges. (…) But today there was still a difference in quality, safety. We've seen a team that's first in the stakes, it's tailgages, it's up to you for me … But at the start of the match they were not so handsome. On arrival, it is more than peaceful for them. But we still lose two players this (Sunday) evening … It starts to do a lot. There is still a bit of the same scenario in our matches. (…) But what worries me even more is that we lost Mboula. I do not know exactly what Nacer (Chadli), but he could not breathe … It's not terrible either. When you see who can go aside, who stayed on the bench, it leaves something to be desired … But they worked for it, won titles for it and have players for it to do what they did. (Sunday evening.

How did you experience waiting for each use of VAR?
Just like you, I wait. After, if there is an offside or not, you must respect. But it's still a long time!

"We're playing maintenance, nothing else"

Thierry Henry

You have often shown some optimism in recent weeks
We must continue. Believe me, it has not always been praise in my life or for ASM. So, we will try to keep moving forward. I said last time that it could not get worse. Yes, it's worse because we lose two players. And it is often the same game. I'm not just talking about the points. The way to cash goals, we lack opportunities and we lose players. There is the violence. Those who fit will enter the election. We will try to work with those who are there. The young people who came back tried to bring along. (…) We will try to be positive, although I know it sounds very strange. After the violence there will be a very important match for us against Caen. Because we play the maintenance, nothing else.

This 4-0 seems more encouraging than that against Bruges
Nothing to see. Not only because it was Paris in the face. It was not until you know what you know after the first goal. We do not mark and we take one behind. It was a reaction since we created an opportunity, unlike the match in Bruges. I do not go out to Bruges, but this (Sunday) evening is PSG. It is not obvious or an apology. That does not mean we had to lose when we lost. But we did not give up. Against Bruges, it was a bit tricky. And even more in Reims. But we must stay positive.

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We have seen you very active on the bench, more than in the last matches
We have to see, probe. The team is mentally affected. At Jordi (Mboula), I simply asked him why he was centered when he passed his player. If you send your player, continue! This is baby, it shows you how sometimes there is a small problem on the basic stuff. I was a bit more active. But it did not change the score, they failed the actions, the failures on the goals …

Is the departure for some players in the selection worried about you?
No, but it's a fact. Some are injured, others enter the selection. What do you want me to tell you? We will work with those who will be there, but it's not necessarily those who play in Caen.

"It will be necessary to turn round, to whip, to try and move on and continue"

Thierry Henry

Do you intend to sign a medical joker?
I'll see if I can take a license (smile). I do not know … I see what we can do. Joking aside, I do not really know. This is the situation, it will make the round back, whip, try to move on and continue. Our fight, it's down (ranking) and not up.

This avalanche of wounds is almost never seen before
I'm still positive. Even with all this, we have created opportunities for PSG. I'm not saying we played the best game in the world. But that's my positive side. We saw a Benoît Badiashile who was not the weakest in the defense. A problem during preparation? That's a real question … But I can not answer it, I was not there. If I ask myself? Every day …

Interviewed at a press conference

Sidibé: "It will be difficult but we think so"

Djibril Sidibé (defender of AS Monaco, mixed zone) "We match after the break, our journey will be drawn after the violence. I have no explanation. They played without forcing, they won hate them. It is up to us to focus on recovering well. Collect half of the staff because it gets critical … and struggles for the maintenance. (…) We do not throw everything in the trash. There have been good things, though it is still very insufficient. We will all focus on maintenance. There's a big Awareness before the game. And here is the speech to recover to reverse the trend. There are players, including me, who have had difficult times in their careers who play the game. There will be war. With a match in Caen, Amiens .. It will be difficult, but we believe it. "

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