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Spain: Mourinho, Hierro … Iniesta regulates their accounts – Football


Exile in Japan, Vissel Kobe, Andrs Iniesta not only keeps good memories of his career in the election. In fact, the former Spanish international regrets the role played by Jos Mourinho after the 2010 World Cup and the end of his adventure with Roja under the direction of Fernando Hierro.

Spain: Mourinho, Hierro ... Iniesta r

Iniesta, regret with Roja.

If it was necessary to summarize the international career of Andrs Iniesta (34 years) in one action, doubtless that his goals in the final of the 2010 World Cup against the Netherlands (1-0 ap) would be more than enough.

An insight into the ternit that made the birth of the Fuentealbilla the symbol of a united Spain. A solidarity that has eroded in the months after the crown in South Africa.

Mourinho's harmful role

For the living legend of FC Barcelona, ​​a man has done everything rot The atmosphere of Roja: Jos Mourinho. In fact, Portuguese, who arrived at Real Madrid in the summer of 2010, according to the attacking midfielder, was the instigator of the standard tensions between the players in the two League behemoths for three years. He was the key to the bad relationship that existed , said Vissel Kobe player for Sex TV.

It was surreal. It was not the usual rivalry. That was hate. He cultivated this atmosphere and it was unbearable. has made a lot of trouble in the election and teammates team team , regrets the former Spanish international who managed to win Euro 2012 with its election despite these important frictions.

An end to Roja

Mourinho is not the only Agac Iniesta. In fact, the four-time winner of the Champions League wants Fernando Hierro, appointed interim coach for the World Cup in Russia. The former Barcelona admits that he did not understand any of his choices, which he considers debatable. What starts bad usually ends badly , regrets Iniesta.

I do not have good memories from the World Cup in Russia. The last game was the cherry on the cake. I did not understand the decision to leave me on the bench, neither did Hierro's argument to take it. It was sad, because I do not care what he said to me. All I wanted was to get into the field. I was nervous, imagine sighed Iniesta, who had a painful end to La Roja when he came from the last 16 in the latest World Cup.

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